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January 18th 2013
Well, to say that it has been rather quiet on this blog would be a severe understatement. What can I say - I prefer not to say too much when there is not much to be said.

Another painting has made it back across the pond, to Sweden.

onethousandpaintings.com, and its story, has been prominently featured in a book called The Click Moment by Frans Johansson.

November 21st 2010
A photo from recently shipped 455 (Prince fans will of course recognize the excellent company in which the painting finds itself...)


September 18th 2010
Number 596 was recently featured - indirectly - by ESPN during a segment on NBA star Ron Artest (thanks to Stan Oléynik, via facebook)

Some screenshots:

596 on ESPN

596 on ESPN

You can watch the full segment here.

April 28th 2010
New Milestone: As a consequence of recent sales, there are now no more numbers in the 500s, meaning all numbers between 500 and 1000 are sold.

Also, a raised offer for 410: USD 1000.

December 28th 2009
More action on the second market: There is an offer for Number 410 at USD 750.

October the 21st 2009
Some action on the second market: Numbers 6, 8, 87 and 539 are for sale.

May the 31st 2009
I have just moved (once again), and I am now living in Palo Alto, CA which is quite an amazing place to live. As most techies out there will now, this is the place where companies like Google and Yahoo were started.

I am working on a new project and I hope to be able to show it here soon.

February the 20th 2009
The page is updated. The second market page now lists offers to buy only. Any offers to sell are found on the availability page and on the detail page of the number.

February the 13th 2009
I would like to say a few words about the status of the project. I had a number of requests from people who want to buy numbers that are already sold, and from those who want to sell numbers that they currently own.

Most of the time, those requests are for triple digit numbers. As I wrote a long time ago on the second market page, that page was a place where I would "list sales and offers of single and double digit numbers". But there seems to be more action in the tripe digit market, so clearly I need to change my policy.

I am currently reprogramming the site so that I can easily update the pages of the specific numbers. I will then list the sale offer on the page of the number, and the second market page will be exclusively for offers to buy.

I should have this functionality ready after this weekend. I'll update the blog accordingly!

December the 6th 2008
Sold two more paintings.

On a side note, one of the earlier Salathé & White Bonds is now being auctioned at ebay. Also, if you haven't been over at 365specialdays.com, give it a try, it's really turning out beautifully.

October the 28th 2008
I have just received an image which, as far as I know, holds the record in terms of number of paintings of this project in one single image - six.

onethousandpaintings - 6 paintings

Here's the story behind those paintings:
I know you enjoy seeing how the paintings have been installed. I jumped in at the start of the BoingBoing inspired frenzy when it happened.

I finally have the office in which I always imagined displaying them.

I was after some numbers from which I could make some palindromes. The 96 ends up being superfluous (it does not 'fit' in, but I like it anyhow). The 57 is my birth year, and the "250" is a culturally loaded number in Chinese that I like a lot.

You can see what else these are displayed with, too!

Best of luck as you cruise toward 1000.

October the 20th 2008
Sold a painting to Spain. Spain, one of the most beautiful places in Europe (someone please tell McCain :-).

Paintings are now sold in 28 countries around the world.

September the 21st 2008
Just sold a painting to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Paintings are now in 27 countries around the world, from the US to the UK, the Arab Emirates to China, New Zealand to Singapore... mindblowing.

September the 20th 2008
There's good action over at Facebook - the onethousandpaintings.com group conists of 60 members already, and the YouTube video of the talk has its view counter well over 4000. In the meantime, Anthony and I also made Bond Nr. 6 available. Bart Claeys (980) has written a little script to calculate the potential revenue if all paintings were sold, based on the assumption that the numbers are sold on a random basis. Although this assumption is clearly not met, it is still a fun way to play around with the numbers!

August the 21nd 2008
Just a quick cross post: Salathé & White Bond Nr. 5 is now available.

August the 15th 2008
Anthony White stayed with me in San Jose for a couple of days - he's now back in Australia, but we've worked together on some new artwork for our project over at Salathé & White. Update: Bond Nr. 4 sold within a few minutes.

August the 3rd 2008
I just received this picture from Marco (658):

onethousandpaintings at an art gallery in Luxembourg

Here's what Marco wrote about it:
I am the winner of the second collaborative Salathé & White bond painting that has been auctioned in march 2008 on ebay.

This painting, combined with Marcel Salathé's Onethousand-painting Nr 658 and Anthony White's Money Series painting 130 €, are exhibited at Leslie's Artgallery, 66-68 rue de Luxembourg, L-6140 Bridel, Luxembourg (http://www.artgallery.lu).

July the 23rd 2008
I have removed the shipping page which has become redundant in the past few months. I keep in touch with every buyer personally to keep them updated about the status of their painting(s).

Great to see the YouTube video has been watched by more than 3000 people (and counting)!

July the 14th 2008
Number 104 is gone - it wasn't the lowest number for long (not even a week). The king is dead, long live the king, the new lowest number available, 107.

I am getting a lot of interesting feedback from the YouTube video, and I will surely make this a topic here on the blog soon.

July the 12th 2008
The video of the talk is now online over at YouTube.

Sala at Google

July the 10th 2008
Back from Google, checking my email, and voilà: The previously lowest number (103) has just gone to Mountain View, making 104 the new lowest number. Very cool! I will post the link to the video of the talk as soon as it is online!

July the 9th 2008
I've been on Facebook for a while, and it took me embarrasingly long to understand how great Facebook could be for onethousandpaintings.com. I owe this insight in large part to Daniel Hoble (468) who was patient enough to explain to me that Facebook would be a great place to reconnect with people who own paintings or who are just interested in the project. Sorry for being such a slow mover!

Alright, enough mea culpas! Here's the link to myself on Facebook (Facebook does not allow alternative names, so I go by my real name), and the onethousandpaintings.com group goes by the name of (surprise!) onethousandpaintings.com.

This blog will live on, just as everything on this website will continue as usual. However, I am the only person to manage this website, whereas over on Facebook, everybody will be able to share their piece of onethousandpaintings.com. To me, the Facebook group is like an extremely promising addition to the family.

See you there!

July the 3rd 2008
Very good news - the talk at Google is now official. It's next week, and I'll link to the video as soon as it is available.

June the 19th 2008
This is not official yet, but if things run as planned I will be giving a talk at Google in Mountain View CA soon (date to be announced as soon as it is official). This, of course, would be quite exciting because not only could I expect an interesting audience, but since all Google talks are taped and put on the web this would be a great way to share my experiences with everyone.

June the 5th 2008
A few days ago I received an email from Jason (#34) who read on this blog that I've moved to San Jose, which is just around the corner from Mountain View, home of the Googleplex. Jason bought 34 a while ago (those days when there were still double digit numbers available :-) also see this blog post). He kindly invited me to come over to Google and have lunch, an invitation I gladly accepted, not only because I wanted to see Jason and the number 34, but also because I wanted to see first hand if the rumours about the excellent food at Google are true.

Two days ago, I could confirm the rumors. We had a great discussion, and I find it always very interesting to hear what people think about the project, what questions they have, and their story with the painting.

Jason and Sala at Google

I was stunned and honored to see number 34 at such a prominent position in Jason's office:

34 at Google

All in all it's been a fantastic visit and I'm looking forward to go back soon.

June the 2nd 2008
Just received this email from Juan:
are you kidding? this is absolutley stupid, but more impressive is that people are buying it (or so you say, who knows?). at least donęt try to cover it saying that itęs art, itęs not, and donęt come here saying "everything is art" couse ięll be force to punch you. amazing, really amazing.

but i have a contructive comment about it, try to loose this kind of lines "the earlyier you buy the less you spend!".. it sounds like an informercial,.... and, come on. you are an artist!!! itęs ART! yes.. cof cof.. itęs art... so, donęt use those lines.. it, it.. how to say... it leaves a stain in this wonderfull art project. so, so full of meaning. ho lord... amazing. (sarcasm alert here)

sorry for my bad english mate.

kind regards!
juan (from argentina)

Reminds me of a great Franklin quote: "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do."

May the 29th 2008

The 777th painting sold today.

May the 18th 2008
I have moved to California. Bye bye Europe. I live in San Jose (California, SF bay area) now, so if you're in the area, drop me a line. Let's see how the californian life will influence my art.

April the 29th 2008
Strong candidate for cutest picture with number:


(Read the corresponding story below on March the 29th 2008)

April the 26th 2008
Great feedback from Jonathan (102):
102 arrived safely and is excellent! Really glad I bought it. I am paying close attention to Bond #3 and am intrigued how high the bidding will go.

102 will give me much pleasure and much conversation.

Brilliant idea!

April the 22nd 2008
Salathé & White Bond Nr. 3 is now on auction.

April the 11th, 2008
468 made it safely to its new owner:
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I received the painting today. It looks great, it was very well packaged and it's exactly what I was expecting.

April the 2nd, 2008
It was a good feeling having sold all 1000 paintings, but alas, it only lasted for a day - on April the 1st.

Thanks for all the congratulations anyways ;-)

March the 29th, 2008
Chosing a number - sometimes easy, sometimes not. Clearly, understanding the process behind the choice of a number is one of the most interesting parts of the project. (As I've said many times before, it is a part that I completely failed to see when I initiated the project. Thankfully, Fernando Luis Lara has been more thoughtful with his project 365specialdays.com where the story IS the painting.)

Anyways, one of the interesting stories I've learned about recently is the one of Daniel (468):
We are expecting our third baby in April. Our first daughter - Odessa - was born in 2004, our second - Sophie - in 2006 and now our third child - name TBD - should make his/her entrance into the world shortly. I checked your site soon after its launch but none of the numbers had a special appeal to me. This weekend I was thinking how I can mark the arrival of our third child and when I checked and found 468 available I knew I had to get it.

And Jonathan (102) says
I wonder if everyone has the same crisis of choosing - which of course is what is so interesting about it. Once I had made up my mind it seemed right - the first 3 digit number with 3 different digits!

March the 25th, 2008
Tosh Cooey, owner of 314, 159 and 265 (that's right, your reaging PI, i.e. 3.14159265) wants to expand his series and is looking to buy 358 and 979 (because PI = 3.14159265358979). If you own them, he offers USD 500 for each. (More about Tosh here.)

March the 25th, 2008
I've just updated the second market page, as there are two new offers: USD 3300 for any single digit and USD 650 for any double digit.

March the 24th, 2008
There's a new lowest available number: 103. The previous lowest number, 102, has been sold today.

Bye bye 102, I never expected you to be the lowest number for long anyways - you're far too beautiful.

March the 20th, 2008
Some feedback from people who orderd numbers recently; Patrick (537) says
I am always interested in the relationships between technology and our techniques. Your idea is great, marketing, technology and media, all concepts being explored within contemporary art, but I love how the final product is paint on a canvas.

And Barbara (511) says
I did receive 511 and I couldn't have hoped for more.

March the 8th, 2008
The second painting of Salathé & White is currently on auction.

February the 25th, 2008
Back home again. I have been traveling on and off since last May and spend seven months abroad in various countries in Australasia (more on my travelblog). It's been an extremly inspiring experience. I will move to the San Francisco Bay Area in about a month. In the meanwhile, I am looking forward to get two new auctions going with Salathé & White.

February the 9th, 2008
Record-breaking news on the secondary market: Number 6 has just changed owner for USD 3000.

January the 22nd, 2008
Wow, time flies by! With some delay, I wish everyone an interesting 2008! I've been traveling a lot in the recent weeks, in India and New Zealand (where I still am). Very inspirational places.

I also got this email from Simon in Australia which I wanted to share here:
I recieved the painting on Friday, and was very impressed by the quality of the work! The Internet pictures really do not do it justice.

November the 25th, 2007
Just received this beautiful picture of 626. The people on the right are two dear friends, Nikki Freed and Olin Silander. The image was taken by Gilles Daniel <irony>who predicted the current dollar decline in 1989</irony>.


November the 24th, 2007
I've recently vistited HR Fricker, a well known Swiss artist who was heavily involved in the mail art movement back in the 80ies. He's been collecting a lot of the work that has similarities to onethousandpaintings, and it was very interesting to stay there an see all of this work in real. In the image below, you see the 480 in the back, his own work on the side (in green) and one of the wantsforsale paintings on the right (the little cake).


The image below was taken in the kitchen of art journalist Karl Heinz Pichler. You can see again Fricker's work in the back of the kitchen. The big enameled metal sign in the back was part of an earlier series, but I would highly recommend checking out his current project placeofplaces.com, where he makes 16 different coloured blocks in 16 different colors, and they are all unique.


I find it always interesting to discuss with him about art and the current movement on the internet - being an artist all of his life, he knows an amazing amount about art history and the context of art.

November the 20th, 2007
First Salathé & White painting sold.

November the 13th, 2007
Good to see the Salathé & White Bond Nr. 1 at currently US$ 1286. Curious how far it will go in the remaining 6 days of the auction.

Teresa Critien has featured prominently on the start page of this site because very early on, she sent me an email saying "This is such an amazing idea - I had been looking to purchase a piece of unique art online and this 100% fits the bill." Turns out that Anthony White met her in London last month, and so I'm quite happy to finally have a picture of her with the painting that made her write the email:


Thanks Theresa & Anthony!

November the 8th, 2007
Salathé & White has gone online. Check it out.

October the 25th, 2007
Found this story in the New York Times which is another great start to think about art and value: The million dollar painting in the trash!

It's funny to read the following:
Experts say the painting - a largely abstract depiction of a man, a woman and an androgynous figure in vibrant purples, oranges and yellows - is in miraculously good condition and worth about $1 million.

and then later
The husband, a Houston collector and businessman, had purchased "Three People" at a Sotheby's auction in 1977 as a birthday present for his wife. He paid $55,000 for it.

Now I don't know about you, but this sounds very strange to me. Of course, the $55,000 from 1977 may be worth a lot more now, but a full million? Unless there was a concrete offer to buy the painting for $1 million, the painting is clearly NOT worth $1 million. Or else, my conception of worth is utterly wrong.

This is a great story to think about art and value, and fits exactly in my new work with Anthony White (Salathé & White). Can't wait to get going!

October the 19th, 2007
Anthony White and I are in the process of finally launching our collaborative art project which is called Salathé & White. (For those that are unclear about the name: Salathé is my surname).

Obviously both Anthony and myself are driven by the question how things are valued, and in particular how art is valued, and how the internet influences this relationship. Both of us have found (or attempted to find) ways to express this question artistically, and we both come from fields (stockbroking in Anthony's case, science in my case) where collaboration is the rule rather than the exception. It was therefore only natural that we would get together at one point and collaborate on art.

If you are interested in our new art, and in how we believe it should take us to the next level in exploring the question of art and value, meet us over at Salathé & White.

October the 13th, 2007
Anthony White is currently visiting Zurich, and we are having a great time. He came over to Europe from Australia for a couple of reasons, and I will blog about this later. We've spent today visiting some great art places in Zurich, among them the Kunsthaus Zurich (the permanent collection). Anthony was amazed by the collection of world famous paintings that they have (I'm sure he'll blog about it on his own site), and it was only through his amazement that I realized that the collection is indeed quite impressive. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to make one realize what one got used to and what one takes for granted (but shouldn't).

Anyways, I wanted to show you this picture of Anthony wearing a black sheep shirt that he bought in Zurich - the T-Shirt is making fun of a rather sad campaign of the swiss right wing party (there is an upcoming parliament election in two weeks), and by wearing such a shirt (produced by two local artists) people show that they are in strong disagreement with the racist arguments in the current political debate. But politics aside, I find the Anthonw WHITE / BLACK sheep combination just fantastic:

I hope he's gonna stay a little bit longer before heading on to London.

September the 25th, 2007
As promised, some thoughts on 365specialdays.com.

When Fernando contacted me, there were three things that I liked about the idea. Number one, I really liked Fernando's style - number two, I liked the idea of having actual drawings of the days and stories, rather than just someone copying On Kawara for the gazillionth time, and number three, I liked the story of having a collection of inspiring stories. Let me just say a few things about the last two points (because you either like someone's style or you don't, so there is not much to say about number one).

In all the art projects on the web that have popped up in the recent year, what I have started missing a little bit is that someone can actually draw. Not in my deepest dreams do I mean to suggest that the artists behind these projects are not good at drawing - it's just that I didn't see it. Most of the time, this was not an issue, of course, because these projects were hardly ever about the drawing capabilities of the artist. However, I still felt that putting the drawing element back to the web projects was an interesting idea worth exploring.

My next thought was: "yet another date project?". But as so often, things change when you give it a second thought. What I clearly missed when developing the concept of onethousandpaintings.com was that many people would want a number to which they have an emotional connection. When I started receiving the stories behind the numbers from people all over the world, I started posting them on the blog, but it would have been a good idea to post the stories on the page of the actual number right from the beginning. When thinking about 365specialdays.com, it was clear from the start that this would be an integral part of the project, because after all, the drawings are about the stories. The possility of having a website of hundreds of stories from people all over the world was just too exciting - we had to try it.

When it came to the pricing of the drawings, Fernando and I agreed from the start that we wouldn't want to have a "first movers pay less" kind of pricing scheme. That was an interesting experiment with the numbers, but we felt that it didn't make any conceptual sense when working with days. The initial idea of pricing the drawings at $365 came quickly, but it also was clear quickly that this was too expensive, and we thus decided to go with half of that amount, which we believe is a fair price (and if the dollar continues its current trend, we could as well have started with the original $365 idea ;-).

September the 24th, 2007
A very exciting moment: I'm happy to announce 365specialdays.com!

365specialdays.com is a project by brazilian artist Fernando Luis Lara. Fernando contacted me about half a year ago, and we started developing the idea of creating a drawing of each day and a website where we would collect all the stories that correspond to the days. I was instantly hooked because Fernando's style of drawing had a great appeal, and I really enjoyed them. What I found equally interesting was the idea to bring the personal touch back to the idea of online artprojects. 365 special days aims to be a collection of beautiful drawings that relate to personal stories. I'm quite proud to be part of this, and it was very satisfying being able to work with such a talented artist.

I will write more about the project and its development soon, but I just wanted to make sure that the people who read this blog are the first to hear about it.

September the 9th, 2007
Back in Zurich. A couple of interesting things are coming up. Stay tuned.

Swiss Artist Eugen Meier has launched a project called earth paintings. In a nutshell, he created 400 paintings of the earth, trying to communicate the message "The earth is not sick - it's just going to change." (with which I fully agree). Check it out, the project is quite new, hence you've got a lot of choice and prices are still low. I've just ordered 11/11.

August the 18th, 2007
Dear Andrew Keen

I have just finished watching your interview on the Colbert Report. I feel compelled to comment on it. I admit that I haven't read your book, so I am by no means an expert on the issues you address (an amateur, you could say). However, by saying that "even the Nazis didn't put artists out of work", you suggested that the internet puts artists out of work. Even if that is true (which I doubt), I would argue that the exact opposite is equally true.

My own artproject, onethousandpaintings.com, could not have been possible without the internet. Since the project went online last year, I have met dozens of artists whose projects are inconceivable without the internet. On the other side, I haven't met a single artist who said he is having difficulties to make a living because of the internet. I used to be very active in the music scene in the past 10 years, and I haven't met a single musician who wasn't thrilled by the opportunities offered by the internet and who couldn't benefit from it in one way or the other. Thus, your statement that the internet is "making it increasingly difficult for artists to make a living" is in my opinion utterly false. I believe the internet is quite likely making it increasingly easy for artists to make a living - at least for those who embrace it.

In The Guardian, you said the following: "As the traditional media gatekeepers lose their power, the very idea of cultural authority is undermined, meaning that everybody (ie: nobody) can legitimately determine aesthetic standards or truths." To entertain the possibility that you think this is bad news makes me shiver. Are you saying that aesthetics needs authority? As far as I am concerned, I have enough trust in my own sense of aesthetics to judge what I like and what I dislike.

In the same Guardian dispute, you said that "what I'm scared of is a culture in which we are all aspiring artists and nobody is making money. I'm scared of YouTube, MySpace and the blogosphere. I'm scared that the talented artist of the future will realise neither fame nor fortune." Well, we all have our fears. Here's what I am scared of: I'm scared of a culture where so called gate keepers decide what the aesthetic standard is. I'm scared that talented people would be afraid to broadcast themselves, by whatever means, because people like you think that they are amateurs.

My best wishes,

August the 17th, 2007
Here's a very nice blog entry about onethousandpaintings.com by artist Matthew Rose, who wrote:
My own artwork is also involved in "thousands." My last major exhibition this summer at the Gallery in the Field, in Brandon, Vermont included 1000 works all displayed in a large room; prior to that, I exhibited the works in Denver at the Capsule Gallery (November-December, 2006). The installation shots are pretty cool. Take a look on my web site, if you like.

July the 23rd, 2007
Swiss artist HR Fricker has started his new art project a while a go, and I wanted to write about it for a long time. Here it is: place of places.

HR Fricker was greatly involved in the mail art movement in the 80ies, and it makes a lot of sense to me that he has finally gone online with his art project (after all, the mail art movement was about networking). I don't have a home at the moment to hang one of his signs, but as soon as I have, I will order one.

Also, 506 sent me the following note:
I can't tell you how good it is to be out of that darn yellow box and out in the fresh air. You'll be glad to know that they're treating me very well, as you can see in the photo. I'm right at home on the mantel (deservedly so!!) and all of their guests are very impressed by me.

And here it is (looks like it's part of the family now :)


June the 29th, 2007
Today, a very special event occurred on onethousandpaintings.com: The last double digit has been sold. I find it quite interesting that I am in Singapore on this significant day, a country where I have shipped to earlier, and which sort of represents, at least to me, the true global dimension of the project.

Of similar importance, the second market sees its first offer for a double digit painting: 400 USD are offered for any double digit painting.

June the 23rd, 2007
The blog is up an running again.

There is a new offer on the second market for any single digit painting: it's USD 3,000.

June the 16th, 2007
A large part of this blog has been deleted by accident (my fault). I will try and check with my hosting provider to restore it as soon as possible.

The german newspaper die Welt has an article on the project. If you know german, also read the comments for a good laugh. I can't believe that people invest their time to comment on articles and express how pissed they are. But then again, one only needs to look at the quality of comments on websites like youTube to see that there seems to be no limit in how low it can go.

June the 8th, 2007
Received this nice picture from Hugo (52):


Also, check out the blog of Ed (317) who says
317 is hanging - I look at this every day with enjoyment.

June the 2nd, 2007
Arrived in Townsville, Australia, two days ago. I enjoyed staying at Anthony's place, despite a bacterial infection that put me to bed for an entire week. I think Anthony's artwork is coming along well, and I assume it is just a matter of time before it is taking off big time.

We have also had a short interview in an Australian Newspaper - here's the pdf if you are interested. Unfortunately, the journalist got the domain name wrong. No worries, as they say here.

Anthony has been talking about an exhibition in New York, yet I am not sure what to make of it. My experience with galleries has been mixed so far. I assume that most artists need galleries to get their artwork sold, and many people need galleries to preselect the artwork they might buy - clearly a win win situation for everyone involved. I believe that the internet is changing the market quite a bit, and I am currently more interested to see what is happening webwise. In particular, my future project could not be sold in a gallery even if I wanted to sell it there. That is because the project is absolutely tied to the internet.

Finally, I would like to stress once again the fact that I am currently abroad, and that I sometimes have a hard time finding a good place to connect to the internet. I do read all emails, but I might sometimes be a bit slower in responding than usual . I will be on the road until October when I am going back to Switzerland for a short period of time.

May the 20th, 2007
I am currently staying in Yeppoon with Anthony White which readers of this blog probably know as the artist behind the money series. I quite like it here in Yeppoon, and I find the discussions about art and the art market very stimulating.

I am currently working on two projects. One of these projects is a project which I am quite excited about and which I have been developing in my mind for quite some time now. I believe it will take the concept developed for onethousandpaintings.com to a whole new level (no numbers involved though). Conceptually, it is a lot more complex than onethousandpaintings.com, so it will take some time before it is ready.

In the meanwhile, I am collaborating with an artist in the US on a new project that should be ready very soon. I will announce the project here first.

May the 6th, 2007
For some people, the 6th of May may be an ordinary day. Not for everyone, though. Today, for example, is the Seafood and Wine Festival in Brisbane (where we are currently staying). I mean, seafood and wine festival !! How much better can live get?

Other people have other things to enjoy and celebrate, of course. Here's a message from Keith (506) to Kristie:

Kristie, Happy Anniversary and I love you with all my heart, Keith

Kristie and Keith are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today (hence the number 506). Wishing you all the best from Brisbane, Australia!!

May the 2nd, 2007
What a fantatsic number day this has been! In case you missed it, the 32 hexadecimal number code to protect HD DVDs has been posted all over the web (see digg.com and reddit.com for the current craze). I was very tempted to start a new project called 16hexadecimalnumbers.com, but since I am currently traveling I don't think I have the time to do it.

Which brings me to what I wanted to write about in the first place. After more than a year of planning, Rahel and I finally took off to a long trip (10 months). We have just arrived in Brisbane, Australia. Almost all paintings of the series that are not yet sold are painted, however, and ready to ship from Switzerland.

What I am most excited about is the prospect of having lots of new input. I never had any interesting ideas when working at home in my familiar environment - I need new input to activate my brain cells, it seems. onethousandpaintings.com was no exception to that rule either: it came to my mind while traveling in Portugal.

April the 24th, 2007
Australian artist Anthony White has started a second project which is as interesting as his well known Money Series: Stock Code Paintings.

If you like the Money Series, you should really check out the Stock Code paintings. Here's how Anthony describes the basic idea:
One thing I didn't anticipate when I did The Money Series is just how attached people are to certain numbers or what numbers meant to them. I thought The Money Series was about how money related to art. In stockbroking and life I have dealt with a lot of numbers and none of them ever meant much to me. However there are a lot of stock codes that mean a great deal to me. The first share I bought, my first two bagger, my first ten bagger, the one that got away, the one that paid for my first overseas holiday, the one that went belly up, the dogs, etc.

My own experience with stocks is what Anthony probably means by "the dogs", but I don't think I will be able to resist for long. Here's the link.

April the 23rd, 2007
After the 750th painting sold a couple of days ago, I got this email from Gabriel (750):
Congrats on your 750th sold painting (as posted on your blog on April 12, 2007). I'd like to mention that we over at Airborne Entertainment have your 750th numbered painting prominently displayed outside our business office. The number 750 happens to be our suite number at 3575 St.Laurent in Montreal, Canada. Your can't tell in the picture I've attached with this email, but your 750 painting is protected under a thick sheet of Plexiglas. Your painting is in good company! The mural on the wall inside the company was done by the Heavyweight Production House, Inc. There is also another painting against the wall on the left but I'm not sure who painted that.

Note, we are not an art gallery but rather a mobile (cell phone) publisher! You can find more info on us at www.airborne-e.com.


April the 15th, 2007
There's an interview with me at penseyeview.com (link to the archive, you have to scroll down), an interesting website that "showcases a different and unique artist, musician, painter, visionary, etc. every 48 hours."

I am quite flattered by the introduction to the interview:
Marcel Salathé (Sala) loves puzzles and to be amazed. Which is odd since everyone is puzzled and amazed by him. His work and website, OneThousandPaintings.com has taken the art world by surprise. Some people love it, others "don't get it" but everyone cannot stop talking about it.

His art begs the question, why are people fascinated by numbers? Why do athletes insist on wearing a certain number over others? Why do people tend to play the same numbers (over and over) in the lottery? Who knows? For reasons like those, Sala has become the "go-to-guy" for people that are fascinated with numbers. Sala's work is a combination of art, science, math and well, curiosity. His paintings are beautiful as they are mesmerizing. You can stare at them all day and feel good in knowing that number is yours forever. Or that you should have bought it while you had the chance.

For people interested in discovering new interesting projects, this seems to be a very interesting site. Well done - bookmarked (except the archive, which is currently hard to link to).

April the 12th, 2007

Crossed the 750 mark today. Three quarters of all numbers are out there, distributed over 26 countries, and each and every one has its own remarkable story. Gives me chills when I think about it.

March the 23rd, 2007
I've received this email from Brian (520) in the US:

Good ol' 520 finally found it's way home today after being held hostage in New York by US Customs and DHL. While they interogated poor 520 for two weeks I wonder how many malicious items entered our borders concealed behind 520's mysterious shadow? It's good to know we're safe from any rogue and malicious numbers!

Anyhow, the look on my wife's face was worth priceless:

The initial gaping pregnant silence of the unspoken question, "WTF is this suppose to be?" is visually washed away by the gentle tide of comprehension, consideration and conception.

A look begs explanation in her clue eyes.

I explain 520's being. I evangelize its purpose here on earth and in our kitchen.

There is a pause.

A smile cracks ahead of her words. "It's really cool..." Something more is required.

I offer to take her on a tour of onethousandpaintings.com which aside from verifying that I have not completely lost it, cements the concept within her empirical desires - number/art, number/price, number/unit, unit/total, number/number...

Approval. Accolades. Admiration.


Upon removing 520 from its yellow bubble wrapped cell I am enlightened in the beauty of its simplicity, the contrast in its minimalist palette and content, the cipher of its meaning, and its identity in an esoteric but global community... And so was she.

Thank you for your efforts and genius. It was worth the wait.

Best to you,



March the 8th, 2007
The gallery in Berlin that is hosting an exhibit has just sent out a press release. I would like to post an extract here, because I think this is the best analogy that I could offer so far regarding the inspiration of the project:

Sala's inspiration came both from the web and the art market contemplating the mechanisms of how the art market works: "As an easy thought experiment, consider you inherit a house from a relative, and you find a painting in the attic that looks exactly like this long gone Van Gogh. Now, the first experts that you consult are pretty confident that it is an original Van Gogh - probably worth millions of dollars. However, a year later, the latest technological breakthrough allows the experts to clearly identify your painting as a fake - worth nothing. The same painting is valued totally differently, depending purely on meta information about the painting. onethousandpaintings.com is the conversion of these thoughts into art: get rid of the content of the painting, other than what makes it unique: its number", says Sala.

More pictures, this time from David (324):


324 close

March the 7th, 2007
I've received some really nice pictures from paintings in their new homes.

Take a look at the two pictures from Janice & Peter (335, 445, 533, 544) below and try to spot the difference (hint: it's not the sofa).

335, 533

533, 335

March the 2nd, 2007
The exhibition in Berlin (at the Gallery R.T. HANSEN CONTEMPORARY) is going to take place from March 14th to April 14th.

February the 17th, 2007
Back in Zurich, I am preparing all paintings that have not been shipped yet for shipping this monday, Feb. 19th.

While in Italy, I have been contacted by the organizers of tweakfest, a "Festival for Media Culture & Digital Lifestyle" in Zurich. They would like to integrate onethousandpaintings.com in their "NetArt Exhibition". Sounds interesting to me, but since I will be abroad at this time, we will have to find a way how to do that - as soon as I have more details, I'll post them here. Interestingly, Steve Wozniak, one of the two Apple founders, is going to be the keynote speaker - another good reason not to miss this should you be near Zurich at that time.

February the 16th, 2007
The temporary lack of activity on this blog is due to the fact that I am currently in beautiful Italy. I will return to Zurich tomorrow, but I just wanted to say a thousand thanks for the many good wishes I've received for the birthday, and that all ordered paintings will be shipped on this weekend or at the beginning of next week.

Ciao a tutti!

February the 9th, 2007
Today is the first birthday of onethousandpaintings.com. I want to thank everyone who has participated in any form to make this happen in just 365 days. I was thinking about writing a little "essay" about what has happened, how it has happened, and how I felt about it when it happened, but I think the blog says it all.


So please forgive me for not spending too much time thinking about the paintings, because today, I am also celebrating something that is most precious to me: my second wedding anniversary.


February the 6th, 2007
I'm looking forward to upcoming events. First off, there's the birthday of the project on February the 9th. Then, there will be an exhibition of the numbers in a contemporary art gallery in Berlin (details will follow). Finally, on March 23rd, there's a public discussion about the project in Winterthur, Switzerland, with the director of the art museum Winterthur, the director of Sotheby's Switzerland and the Swiss painter Mario Sala (name coincidence unintended, I guess).

February the 4th, 2007
I have finally updated the collection page again with Anthony White's Money Series.

February the 3rd, 2007
Time to say happy birthday to onemillionpointsoflight.com.

One Million Points Of Light is an art project by Andrew Pepper, a British artist working with installations, holography and light. He launched the project on February the 3rd 2006 during his lecture at the Broadway Media Centre.

In my view, the project takes the original pixel idea onto an artistic level. Having a PhD in Fine Art Holography, Andrew is clearly the right person to do this. I've decided to join the project - if you go to the website, you can't miss it :-)

Again, happy birthday!

February the 2nd, 2007
Update 1: artnewsblog.com reports about the imitation.
Update 2: Got an email from artinitials saying they're sorry about not having cited onthousandpaintings.com
Update 3: Uli (255) from Germany has written his thoughts about the story on his blog (in german)
Update 4: Artist John Firstone (739) from the US has written his thoughts about the story on his blog

I am usually happy to see emerging art projects that are, at least partly, inspired by onethousandpaintings.com, and I am also usually linking them from here. However, the site artinitials.com is close to plagiarism.

If you look at the website, you will see that not only the paintings look similar (which is fine with me - no one has a copyright on blue symbols on white background), but the entire concept is almost identical (again, fair enough - no one should have a copyright on an art project).

What is somewhat disturbing is that the content of the site seems to be largely copied from onethousandpaintings.com, sometimes almost word by word. The site structure is basically identical: all paintings have wikipedia information below the detail information, the authenticity check is identical, even the photographies look similar.

I believe that an art project should be novel to be interesting. The people behind artinitials seem to disagree, and it is their right to do so. What I can't stand, however, is that they claim the copyright on every single page. Worst of all, they don't even mention onethousandpaintings.com or any other project anywhere on the page. If you have to copy, at least cite your resources!

Poor style.

January the 30st, 2007
The following picture was sent to me by Dieter (560) from Cologne, Germany:


Also, Eric (522) from Kansas City, US, sent me this picture:



January the 21st, 2007
Some recent feedback:
My painting (522) just arrived. It is wonderful.
Eric (522)
561 arrived two days ago, looking splendid.
Bryan (561)
Received. Glorious.
Kevin (498)

On the negative side of things, I had some problems with getting some of the material I need to make the paintings. This will result in some delays for the outstanding paintings (nothing substantial, but being Swiss, I hate to be unpunctual).

January the 15th, 2007
Lots and lots of shippings today.

I always enjoy reading Anthony White's ramblings, and I should add that I feel the same ("humble") when I think about having sold more than 700 paintings in less than one year, while many artists struggle to sell a few. I also enjoyed reading that in a time when most people's new year goal is to change the world, his goal is not to eat any deep fried chips! Very refreshing. I plan to visit him this year down under in Yeppoon, and I am really looking forward to it.

Talking about sandy beaches - there is another art project most likely influenced by onethousandpaintings: it's called thousandlotsofsand.com. I find the pricing a little bold, but I wish it all the best.

January the 6th, 2007
Renato (656) sent me this picture:


with the subtitle
Some art, some wine and the great feeling to be part of a unique community.

A man of very good taste, I must say (but I wonder what type of wine it is? I can't read it from the image...[Update: It's a Barolo])

December the 29th, 2006
A quick update regarding shipping: all paintings that have been ordered before Dec 1st and have not been shipped yet will be shipped on January 3rd.

Geo (439) wrote me an interesting email:
I'm a college professor. A few weeks ago, I was giving a final examination to a class of some 35 sophomores. Somebody had left a copy of "Wired," which had an article about your project. I picked it up to read as the students completed the exam.

I came across an article about your project, and I was intrigued! But there would have to be a meaningful number available in order to make me order something. Let's see---only a thousand numbers! Only a thousand is actually quite a limitation. Is there a number meaningful to me in that range?

Of course! When I was a mishipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, I spent one summer going through the U.S. Army's parachute school at Fort Benning, Georgia. (This was in the summer of 1964!) The number on my helmet was 439, and many's the time I had to sound off with my "tower number," 439.

So I went to your web site, found out 439 was available, and jumped on it!

My plan is to frame it and hang it in my office at Loyola College. We'll see if anybody comments on it.

That is quite likley - at least that's what most people who bought paintings report.

December the 19th, 2006
Shipped all paintings ordered before Nov. 20th. More shippings soon.

December the 16th, 2006
This photo was sent to me by H.R. Fricker:


H.R. Fricker, a renowned mail artist from Switzerland, is apparently also a collector of Anthony White's money series, just as I am (see the ramblings page on Anthony's website for more about H.R. Fricker).

December the 14th, 2006
Lots of news, and I will update the blog tonight - but I just wanted to mention that there is another offer on the second market (which is growing quickly): 1000 $ for number 23.

December the 7th, 2006
Seven hundred paintings gone in less than 10 months (the project started on February the 9th 2006). The speed of everything that happens here never ceases to amaze me.

December the 4th, 2006
Back in Switzerland, I am happy to report that once again, we can add a new country to the list of destinations for paintings. This time, it is the first central Asian country: Kyrgyzstan!

There is also a new bid on the second market for the number 1: $5000 are offered, but the offer will expire this friday.

November the 30th, 2006
A very quick update: A new offer on the second market ($1500 for number 33), a new lowest number (number 62 update:81), and again many paintings sold. The 700-paintings-sold-mark seems near :-)

November the 27th, 2006
With more than two thirds of the paintings sold, there seems to be increased interest in low (i.e. double digit numbers). There are only 7 double digit numbers left, and the former lowest number 46 has been sold last night (number 58 is now the new star).

November the 24th, 2006
I wonder what number the 666th painting sold is going to be? In any case, it's probably gonna happen very soon.

Shipped the first large block of paintings since the Swiss TV feature, but due to issues with SwissPost / packaging, some of the paintings that were scheduled for the second half of November will only be shipped in the first week of December (plus I am going to be in Germany next week). Apologies.

Tosh Cooey, the man of PI (see below), wants to continue his PI series and is looking to purchase 358 on the second market. If you own 358 and want to sell it, please let me know. Thanks.

November the 23rd, 2006
Again, a new offer on the second market: $1,500 (update: $1,600) for any single digit number. Plus, the current offer for Number 1 has been raised to $2500.

November the 22nd, 2006
The WIRED december issue with a post on onethousandpaintings.com is out, and you can read it here on the WIRED website.

I can't help but quote some part of it:
Several weeks later, a battered yellow box arrived bearing a Zurich postmark. Inside, swathed in bubble wrap, was the gift. I must say, it was glorious. The canvas was stretched onto a muscular wooden frame. The white was almost blinding in its purity. The blue digits commanded the center with regal authority. The 4, with its rightward turn, was haughty; the 1, ramrod straight. 41. Ah, 41. My very own prime number.

The article is written by Dan Pink, best-selling author and chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore, and it is well worth visting his personal website.

November the 21st, 2006
I've just noticed that with the recent sale of number 634, there are no more numbers left in the 600+ range.

Also, the offer for any single digit number has just been raised to $ 1,350 (see second market).

November the 19th, 2006
Thanks to an order from Singapore (51), the number of countries where paintings have been ordered has grown to a full 25! The complete list now is (in random order): US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Mexico, Brasil, South Africa, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Israel.

November the 17th, 2006
Finally, some time again to update the blog. The Swiss TV feature has resulted in about 60 sales, and we're quite busy catching up. Bit first of all, let me start by linking to doyouhaveminute.ch, a project by Juerg Keller from Basel, who said has been inspired by onethousandpaintings.com.

Ben Schlitter (954) from the Kansas, US has recently visited me in Zurich, on the evening before my birthday, and we had a great time hanging out together with Nikki and Olin (5), Riley (626) and Meesun (639), all from the US and currently living in Zurich. It was quite funny to celebrate pre-birthday with so many people who bought paintings!

Surprisingly, nobody seems to be willing to sell their single digit number for $1250 (see second market). Looks like people are really attached to their numbers.

Last, but not least, Roger Girod (61) has asked me whether I would be willing to join a public discussion about the project and its broader context (in Winterthur, which is near Zurich) next march. I'm quite curious to have a public discussion, and I have agreed to come. More about it as soon as the story is final.

November the 8th, 2006
466 (which was recently featured on Swiss TV SF1), made it to Canada safe and sound. Here it is:


November the 3rd, 2006
There is another offer for a single digit painting, this time for $1250. I'll update the second market page as soon as I have the details.

November the 2nd, 2006
Wow, what a night.. 16 18 19 paintings sold in one day, feels almost like back in May ;-) For those who are curious, this is certainly due to a feature on SF1, Switzerlands' largest TV station. The programme will be on the web soon, and as soon as it is, I'll link to it (here it is - swiss german only!).

October the 29th, 2006
I have updated the collection page because I have discovered a new art project that I am pretty excited about - the black cubes.

October the 25th, 2006
The PI challenge continues: Charlie (719) from Colarado wrote:
I saw the solution posted by Stefan Urech, and he is right: the problem occurs when three 0's appear sequentially, so the best you can do is 603 digits.

However, there is a better solution than the one he has posted. His solution uses 220 paintings to create those first 603 digits of Pi.

I have found a way to generate the same 603 digits, using only 215 paintings:

314 159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338 327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510 58 209 749 445 92 307 816 406 286 208 998 62 803 482 534 211 706 798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709 384 460 95 505 822 317 253 59 408 128 481 117 450 284 102 701 938 521 105 559 644 622 948 954 930 381 964 428 810 975 665 933 446 12 847 564 823 378 678 316 527 120 190 914 56 485 669 234 603 486 104 543 266 48 213 393 607 260 249 141 273 724 5 8 700 660 631 558 817 488 15 20 920 962 829 25 409 171 536 436 789 2 590 3 600 113 305 30 548 820 466 52 138 414 695 194 151 160 94 330 572 703 657 595 919 530 921 861 173 819 326 11 793 10 511 854 807 44 623 799 627 495 673 518 85 752 72 489 122 79 38 18 301 19 491 298 336 733 624 40 656 64 308 602 139 494 639 522 473 71 90 702 179 860 943 70 27 705 392 17 176 293 1 767 523 84 674 818 467 66 940 513 200

This solution is not unique - there are many equally good ways to generate those same digits using 215 paintings :-)

Sadly, there isn't a single solution which uses my painting (719) in the sequence. Since the only 719 that appears in the first 603 digits is immediately followed by a 0, there aren't any pictures which can follow it.

October the 24th, 2006
We're approaching the 600 paintings mark fast.

Stefan Urech (101) has raised to the PI Challenge and made everything clear by noting that as soon as there is a triple 0, the game is over. You can see the full sequence that is possible with paintings on his blog. Congrats!

October the 16th, 2006
WIRED Magazine will publish a story on onethousandpaintings.com in the December 06 issue.

Tosh Cooey is a big fan of a specific mathematical number, it seems, as you can see from his collection of paintings:


That number is of course PI (3.14159265...). He also raised an interesting question:
I wonder just what the longest possible sequence is using only your paintings. Because many prime numbers were bought early, it would seem that many of your buyers were numbers and maths buffs, perhaps one of them would know the answer to that question.

Does anyone raise to the challenge? Fame and honour guaranteed!

October the 12th, 2006
The buyer of 466 sent me an email that I would like to post without comment.
I bought the painting 466, so I just wanted to tell you the story I have associated with it - as an artist, you mind find it interesting that lots of your paintings mean more to people than just their numbers.

I got into a very bad car accident (as a passenger, not driver!) on April 1st of this year - brain surgery, spine surgery, jaw surgery, teeth knocked out, 3 months in different hospitals, 1.5 of them in a coma. I'm almost perfectly healthy now - just have to get dental implants, and I'll be better than brand new.

The past few months have been the hardest of my life (and I've gone through much tougher stuff than most people my age), and I'm proud of the way I've handled them. So the painting to June of 2006: the months spent in hospitals, feeling terrible and generally hopeless, alone, away from friends and unable to do anything I like to do. Even though this is the description of these months, the painting represents something else to me: the strength I showed in getting through this (for example, taking a month to re-learn to walk in June, staying mentally strong while being away from everyone I knew, and so on).

I must admit this has been a somewhat impulsive purchase. But this story of mine is meaningful to me, and I've been wanting a reminder that I've gotten through some very bad things, so whenever I'm faced with a difficulty in the future, I'll know that I can get through anything. I think (fingers crossed) that this painting will be just the thing.

October the 11th, 2006
Just a short update on the second market: I am actually quite surprised (in a positive way) that nobody wanted to sell their single digit number for $1000 (except the owner of number 6, of course). I wonder what people's limit would be...

Also, Dan Pink from Wired has contacted me for a short interview - which is great, because that's one of the few magazines I read regularly.

October the 10th, 2006
Interesting news from the second market: Neil from Massachusetts has sold his number 6 for 1000 US Dollars. I'll probably put up an extra section on the site regarding second market deals (update: done). If you are interested in buying specific numbers, even when they are already sold, drop me a line.

October the 2nd, 2006
Jams from London UK who recently bought 331 wrote me an email saying:
I received my '331' the other day - it looks great & I wanted to email to say how much I appreciate your hard work. Fingers crossed for the rest of the project.

You can read the details of his story on his blog, but let me just highlight the last paragraph:
Both boingboing.net and the BBC have featured the story, and copyblogger.com has a good piece, which pretty much mirrors my thoughts on why the phenomenon has somewhat caught the internet zeitgeist. Above all, though, it’s an artwork that I really like and which has an interesting story bn interesting story behind it, as well as being personal to its owner. Great stuff.

Ted Chaloner from Rhode Island, buyer of 649, writes in an email:
My painting was a surprise gift from my wife, the award-winning food blogger, Lydia Walshin (http://ninecooks.typepad.com/perfectpantry/). I love it! It feels wonderful to not only have the painting but be part of an art happening. Number 649 looks perfect in our log house in Rhode Island.

When the package arrived I was afraid it had been damaged, however, it was perfectly protected. Clever those yellow postal boxes, and practique!

box of 649

September the 25th, 2006
Three weeks since my last blog update - apologies. A lot of things have happened. I received a copy of the Brazilian Art Magazine "Bravo". It's a wonderful magazine, and as you can see on the press page, it featured onethousandpaintings.com on two full pages. Thanks again, Marcelo!

The german magzine "ArtInvestor" features onethousandpaintings.com in its current issue, and I will update the press page as soon as possible

Mike Hawkyard (of Mulitmedia Agency 4t2) is the owner of 424, and he's currently taking it on tour, as you can see in the picture below:
Please also check Mike's Blog for the complete story of this (Thanks, Mike!)

September the 4th, 2006
The german online magazine netzwelt.de has written an article about onethousandpaintings - if you know german, here's the story.

Uli (255) from Germany has another interesting story (also in german) about how to confuse a customs officer. The customs officer thinks he's some kind of stillage smuggler:
Customs officer: "What is this?"
Uli: "It's a painting."
Customs officer: "But there's a number on it!"

August the 28th, 2006
Markus (706) has a nice blog entry about his painting with very nice photos. Check it out at http://blog.auinteractive.com/one-thousand-paintings.

The owner of 760 wrote me yesterday:
000 will hide 760 in an old airplane hangar here in the Desert Southwest of the United States. There's a lot of wind blowing over the hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of ancient striations and rolling dunes. It will overlook a small cadre on its journey of connection with thousands of others who will hope to be ready when the coming elections are rigged again to preserve the powers of the insane who have taken over the administration of the country and who are insisting on bringing about the end of the world through war, disease, poverty and hatred.
It's the perfect piece of art for an underground location. It has it's own anonymity, its own coding and passwords, a serial number preferable in life to those on guns and mortars. Number 760 finds itself in a strange place at a strange time; a strange place, though hopefully not strange for long, as more and more places like it develop. It finds itself in odd juxtaposition, and its straightforward appearance could just as easily be an address marker for a military installation. It's perfect for the mindset being forced on the politically active in the United States. And it adds some humor with its numerology: an update on Double-O Seven. Take note: WE are Triple-O Seven-Sixty. I was glad to be so immediately struck with all this.

I like especially the message of its arrival: that its cover was beat up badly, and yet Number 760 emerged unscathed and in perfect condition, as bright as the moment it left your atelier.

August the 22nd, 2006
Here's something I wanted to do ever since I started this project: A list of the countries where paintings have been bought, in descending order:

United States:  307 (53.30%)
Switzerland:    79  (13.72%)
United Kingdom: 64  (11.11%)
Canada:         26  (04.51%)
Germany:        25  (04.34%)
Australia:      22  (03.82%)
Belgium:        8   (01.39%)
Ireland:        5   (00.87%)
Netherlands:    5   (00.87%)
France:         4   (00.69%)
Austria:        3   (00.52%)
Brazil:         3   (00.52%)
Denmark:        3   (00.52%)
Israel:         3   (00.52%)
Italy:          3   (00.52%)
New Zealand:    3   (00.52%)
Sweden:         3   (00.52%)
China:          2   (00.35%)
Portugal:       2   (00.35%)
South Africa:   2   (00.35%)
Czech Republic: 1   (00.17%)
Luxembourg:     1   (00.17%)
Mexico:         1   (00.17%)
Norway:         1   (00.17%)

Clearly missing from a global perspective: Japan & South Korea. Clearly missing from a european perspective: Finland & Greece.

August the 17th, 2006
Josh (647) has started a Flickr group about onethousandpaintings at http://www.flickr.com/groups/onethousandpaintings. I think it would be great if people would upload the pictures of their paintings.

glittyknittykitty (706) has blogged about her painting, with lots of photos, on http://www.glittyknittykitty.co.uk/archive/2006/08/one_thousand_pa.html.

August the 13th, 2006
Justin (790) wrote me this morning:
I just received number 790 this morning! It is A-MA-ZING! I love it even more than I thought I would! Thank you sooooooo much! Good luck with your genius project! Now, where to hang it?!

And here's the mail from Justin 933:
I walked in my office a few minutes ago and saw a package from you. Just opened it and it looks awesome!!! Everyone in my office is psyched.

By the way, Justin is the guy behind the famous NYC Trash project (and I am waiting to get my garbage too...). And talking about art projects from customers, Tobias aka Phil (758) is currently being quite successful with his project, 15mmfame.com.

And last but not least, I would like to mention Ali from Poland who has recently started the project thecolorfuldays.com - he sells dates as paintings.

I wish all of them all the success in the world!

August the 10th, 2006
I'm busy with the stats page - it will be a lot of fun, and a lot of interesting data.

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