Paintings sold: 799   |   Paintings available: 201   |   Lowest number available: 107   |   Latest number sold: 240
Find your number!
Price calculator:
Price = 1000 - number.
Initial discount: 90%.
Current discount: 20%.
The discount will decrease by an absolute 10% for every 100 paintings sold.
Min. price: $40.
See Example: Painting 316

"Several weeks later, a battered yellow box arrived bearing a Zurich postmark. Inside, swathed in bubble wrap, was the gift. I must say, it was glorious."
Dan Pink, WIRED Magazine

One thousand numbers = one thousand paintings. All beautifully painted on canvas (approx. 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches). Each number is unique - the number is the art is the price is the limit.

A piece of internet art history as seen on BBC, WIRED, boingboing and many others.

Paintings have been sold to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Mexico, Brasil, South Africa, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

"May I say that your concept is the most exiting I have come across on the web - for so many reasons... Simply brilliant !"
Marcel Twohig, Ireland

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"This is such an amazing idea - I had been looking to purchase a piece of unique art online and this 100% fits the bill."
Teresa Critien, UK